INSPIRE – INnovation System for Performance Improvement and RE-organisation

This is a powerful methodology in which internal managers learn to become “Innovation and Change Champions”. This means that they are given tools, techniques and methods by which they can instigate and justify organisational performance improvements, with precision and accuracy. They will be able to action and project manage rapid and controlled innovation.

The programme is normally structured in three phases. Firstly, there is a two day event, where managers will apply the INSPIRE principles. They are put into “Innovation ThinkTanks” to analyse a variety of “problematic areas”, and a range of “current and future concerns”. They are introduced to Systems Thinking, to provide a rich analytic set of methods to underpin organisational change actions. Secondly, following the two day event, over approximately 2-3 months, the ThinkTanks will function in a highly structured way, supported by an on-line blended learning infrastructure. This gives each ThinkTank a focus on structured innovation and problem-solving activities; it also gives access to various global experts that can be brought into a given ThinkTank. Further, it allows the investigation of change options, analysis of cost-benefits, risk etc., and also to put together robustly developed actions for change, and organisational improvement process. The on-line component means that teams can “come together”, but are not necessarily tied to the same geographical location, enabling flexibility in the team working. It also means that normal work patters are not disturbed. Thirdly, following the on-line period, there is normally a further day in which each of the Innovation ThinkTanks get together in a face-to-face forum, and consider their achievements, their plans, and to consider the next stages. A “Consultancy Academy INSPIRE” prize will be given to the team who has achieved the most in terms of current and planned organisational development.

Organisations benefit from the INSPIRE process by (i) getting immediate organisational changes and performance improvements, in which there are normally significant savings & benefits, (ii) the development of innovation and change teams” who have the capability to be instigators of change, (iii) obtaining long term benefits from their “Change Champions” who will be able to provide the catalyst for future performance improvement activities.

Innovation, change and performance improvement is not a “one-off”… The INSPIRE process aims to make organisational improvement sustainable, by giving internal managers the necessary skills, to enable long-term benefits. Its goal is simple. It is to inspire performance improvement in human organisations which require rapid innovation and re-organisation.