Leadership Skills

This course is designed for the delegate to explore and understand what makes a good leader. During the programme they will look at techniques available and their suitability to their own situation and personality. It explores both the “formal” influences a leader can bring to their workplace as well as the” informal” process that can have just as much impact.


What makes a good leader are they made or born

What techniques are available to improve the effectiveness of a leader

How to develop an effective team

What is the true meaning of motivation and how can knowledge of this improve the effectiveness of a leader

Matching leadership skills and techniques with specific situations and personalities

Planning how to use this knowledge in your own organisation


The delegate will return to their organisation with a better understanding of what makes an effective manager and the current “best practice” techniques used by effective managers. They will be in a position to decide which techniques best suit themselves and their current situation and develop a plan to continuously improve their effectiveness as a leader.