About Me


BA (hons), MBA, CMI.

Chiles Cartwright is a serial entrepreneur, Multiple Business owner, Property Developer, Sheffield University MBA Supervisor, Key note Speaker, Commercial Actor, Black Belt in Karate and Avid Runner. Chiles has worked in a senior capacity at some of the World’s largest companies including L’Oréal, LVMH, Christian Dior, Nokia and PepsiCo. A founding member of the Guild of Entrepreneurs and a former contestant on BBC1’s The Apprentice Chiles is passionate about Entrepreneurialism, Intrapreneurialism, business start-up and business growth.

In his capacity as a consultant Chiles works with a number of early stage start-ups and high growth businesses within the retail sector focusing on brand development, brand execution and building brand equity.

As a supervisor on the MSc at Sheffield University Chiles’ focus subjects are Branding, Luxury Goods, Fashion retail and cosmetics. 


I am currently an Associate Director of the Consultancy Academy UK, specialising in leadership through change. In addition, I run several businesses covering the areas of manufacturing, sales and marketing, and export to over 20 countries globally.

My current roles include;

Consultancy Academy June 2012 – Present

Position Held: Partner

Following of from completing my MBA I joined the Consultancy Academy as a senior consultant, later joining as a Partner within the senior management team. Applying the skills I had learned during my MBA at Sheffield University coupled with the business experiences I had acquired during my corporate career in senior management I have been working with the Consultancy Academy to build and deliver business programmes for Businesses, Organisations and Intuitions including;

  • Business Growth Catalyst funded by the European Union
  • Working with the University of Sheffield of various projects
  • Developing and delivering programmes for Doncaster council
  • Working with Chambers of Commerce business engagement projects
  • Working with SME’s in the UK and Europe to develop growth programmes
  • Helping to develop brand strategies for retail SME’s

Mentoring and coaching owners and senior managers


Sebastian Shaw Ltd June 2012 – Present

Position Held: Owner and Consultant

Sebastian Shaw limited is a Marketing and Brand consultancy which works closely with the Consultancy Academy on large programmes. Sebastian Shaw Ltd focuses on the following key areas of business;

  • Brand development and building brand equity
  • Retail Marketing (Fashion, cosmetics and Luxury Goods)
  • Retail implementation and development
  • New business start-up
  • Business growth

EcoProof Ltd   January 2010 – Present

Position Held:  Owner & Managing Director.

EcoProof is an Eco-Friendly building materials sales and distribution company based in the UK which distributes its unique range of Eco-friendly building materials to over 30 countries around the globe with distribution partners in Europe, Africa, the Far East and Central America

  • Full responsibility for company strategy
  • Oversees new product development
  • Control of all brand development and implementation
  • Key customer management
  • Full team to support operations.


LRS SYSTEMS Ltd January 2010 – Present

Position Held:  Marketing Director

As executive director of marketing at LRS I have developed the full marketing strategy to move the company into the retail sector, developing the branding and extending the range to maximise exposure and ultimately sales. A part time role leading a small team marketing team with ultimate control of brand development, brand strategy and marketing.


CMHPL Ltd January 2015 – Present

Position Held: Director and Shareholder.

CMHPL is a coating manufacture based in Poland. Focused entirely on the coatings market CMHPL produces waterproofing coatings for several own label manufactures located within eastern Europe.

  • Oversee strategic development
  • Responsible for all production standards
  • Customer relationship management
  • Financial accounts controller


RUN GB September 2016 – Present

Position Held: Owner and Director

RUN GB (Currently part of Sebastian Shaw Limited) is a start-up targeted at the mid luxury market for;

Currently in development this brand is due to launch in 2018 as a brand to target the niece of luxury fashion clothing in the sports environment, combining the demands of sportswear with the looks of fashion branding so that the clothing can be worn to look good whilst delivering ultimate performance.


Sebastian Shaw Kitchens Ltd    January 2015 – Present

Position Held:  Director and Shareholder.

Sebastian Shaw Limited is an Luxury Kitchen sales company targeting the niche market of Self-Fit Luxury handmade kitchens, offering affordable luxury.


  • MBA and MSc Supervisor University of Sheffield 2011-Present
  • MBA at the University of Sheffield with distinction, 2008-2009.
  • BA Honours Degree: Financial Accounting University of Sheffield, 1997 – 2000

A’ Levels: Economics, Maths, Geography Founding Member of The Guild of Entrepreneurs Associate Director of the Consultancy Academy Chartered Manager at CMI


2009 –  2010   Management Consultant to PepsiCo – Responsible for the customer integration of Co-Op and Safeway’s

2008 –  2009   MBA Sheffield University

2007 –  2008   Head of UK ( Vertu) Nokia

2005 –  2007    Sales Manager LVMH ( Christian Dior)  – Responsible for sales budget of £50m and a sales force of 600

2003 – 2005   UK Sales manager Fine fragrances and cosmetics  – Launched own fragrance

2002 –  2003    National account manager L’Oréal – Responsible for managing a £30m account

2001 –  2002    Marketing manager Lancôme cosmetics

2000 –  2001    Management Trainee L’Oréal


  • Multinational supply chain development / management – Spain/ Germany / USA
  • Setting up Manufacturing facilities in Poland
  • Establishing and developing international sales and marketing strategies
  • Consulting on business start-ups across Europe
  • Working with international business owners from Middle East and Asia
  • Designing European Launch strategies for US companies