New Business Start up

The SELECT programme is one to set up brand new businesses. In our experience, success in setting up brand new entitiies relies on certain key critieria. For example, it is based on an excellent idea, and one that is supported by an existing business, and it has supported infrastructure and working capital.

Sometimes in the past, the new venture is housed in one of the Consultancy Academy’s own incubators, so that it has infrastructure and support.

As you might see from SELECT, there is methodology behind developing a new business, and it is essential that risk is reduced at all times. typically managers from existing businesses come on the SELECT programme, in order to achieve new business creation.

SELECT involves one day per month, and will often take 6 months -> 2 years to complete, with the objective that the new business is created and sustainable after its completion. In addition and at all times, Consultancy Academy mentors and specialists will be available to advise and help.