Project Management

The Project Management Methodology Programme (‘PMMP’) is a unique programme to help drive more effective innovation and change activities into organisations. It is specifically oriented to those who are in the middle of complex change. The programme is a complete package, introducing key techniques and principles, applied into business change contexts, and builds towards an advanced level. At all times, delegates apply the methods into their own organisations and thereby achieving immediate benefit.

Most change programmes in organisations require highly developed project management skills.

Our ‘PMMP’ can be applied to all sorts of contexts. We have people following PMMP who are building new airports, road transport systems, building new houses, changing IT systems within organisations, undertaking mergers, changing processes etc.

PMMP runs in such a way that it helps whilst ‘doing the job’, continually honing in on improving an existing project that the delegate is involved in. It has an on-line element (if required) so that it can be used at the pace of the delegate.