“I found this thought provoking, educational, fun, informative, interesting, brain-storming and challenging.”

“…This is the Engine of Management…”

“… A very interesting course and different from any other course I have done in the past. It engages us to think for ourselves about the concepts covered and to make use of them in ‘real-life’ situations. Hence it is helpful in preparing us [for practice]. It also gets you to think about issues in a way I have never done before.”

“Topic, very interesting. Case study, intellectually stimulating. Team work encouragement. Time management reinforcement. Presentation skills enhancement.”

“The way it is taught is different , worked in groups all the time which was interesting activity and I think the nature of the course is different from all other courses that I have ever studied.”

“The greatest difference is that this course teaches you a very useful method of thinking, analysing and problem solving…. The nature of learning the methodology of problem solving means it is much more transferable to other situations and takes a holistic approach. It actually put into context and enhanced my understanding of everything else…”

“Your seminar was brilliant because it fully illuminated “the black box” for me. Psychologists have described inputs and outputs without being able to discuss what is going on in the transformation process. Your disciplined approach provides a framework for filling the black box with the activities, knowledge required for achieving desirable outcomes.”

“The course was a challenge but I think it was because it involved a completely different approach to learning … [it]…allows you to be more creative in your problem solving approach and think more for yourself. I did like this approach, especially as it was very different to anything I have done before.

“Although initially I was a little confused over its use, it became clear just how useful an approach it can be. I think some of the concepts are quite difficult to follow but it does become clear how they all fit in and can be used….”

“Going through a case study and simulating an actual consultancy was a great way to practice the skills taught in the course. Also, [the tutor’s] demeanor and enthusiasm was a good feature of the class.”

“… I am transformed as the result of your process…”

“Most enjoyable course I have ever been a part of. [The tutor] is a fantastic teacher and allows for a fantastic relationship [between himself and the delegates]. The concepts were difficult to grasp at the beginning but as the course went on they became much clearer… a brilliant course.”

“…I would love to keep in touch for both personal and business reasons…I would be most obliged in the near future to just discuss with you my thoughts and ideas on marketing communications… to see how it fits within the methodology for Management Consultancy…”

“The course … helped me realise that you can not just implement a strategy in the workplace, without considering it to be a teleological process…”

“I liked the problem solving nature of this course very much”

“…Words of wisdom that I will cherish my whole life.”

“…Not only does it help to model processes but also to analyse and identify problems within an organisation; it should be a core course [for managers]…”

“I do greatly appreciate your understanding as well as thanking you for the great knowledge that will never been forgotten which I have learned from you…. I certainly believe and feel that your course is one of the best and most beneficial courses…”

“Good and really stimulated the thinking process.”

“It was great and very enlightening like the course. Thank you for your guidance throughout this [programme] and for enriching and enhancing our learning experience. The thought process we learnt will serve us in good stead throughout our lives. Thanks again.”

“Intellectual thinking. First course that I have ever studied that really gets one thinking out of the box in a structured format”

“Very interesting course. Refreshing to see an enthusiastic and interesting facilitator.”

“It is a breath of fresh air to have someone who is interested in the subject, instead of some dull and boring individual…”

“[The tutor] is very interested in this subject, this made it difficult to not also be interested. The nature of the course is dependent on self evaluation and learning and so it was very beneficial to undertake. the self reflection although difficult is very positive. There was a wide range of examples used which helped me to understand what was being said. [The tutor] spent a lot of time with the groups and was very encouraging”

“I would say that this course has given me a completely different perspective to problem solving, alongside tools which I can use in the future.”